This rubric will help you understand my expectations for each week’s online discussion. To earn the maximum number of points (4), you must fulfill all of the “(4)” requirements on time. Typically, Comments are due by 9:30am on Wednesdays and Replies are due by 9:30am on Fridays (exceptions will be explained in class, via email, and/or on the Portal).

Stuff happens. Life gets in the way. You have other classes. Each student will be able to drop 2 Comments/Replies during the semester. Remember, all online discussions combined are 15% of your course grade. Aim for a “4” every time!

Original Comment (4): Responds completely to prompt by using 2 or more detailed examples/explanations from class discussions, videos, presentations, or readings, etc. as support; appropriately cites outside sources EXAMPLE: (J. Collins Good to Great, p. 53;; offers details that show a strong understanding of the topic; generally, 2-3 paragraphs.

Reply (4): Thoughtfully responds to or comments on at least one other student’s responses; elaborates on other’s/s’ comments; offers answers to their inquiries, or poses relevant questions to keep the conversations going; generally, 1 or more paragraphs.

Inquiry (4):  Poses (a) thoughtful question(s)/inquiry(ies) and offers thoughtful hypothesis/es or ‘educated guesses’ in response. An Inquiry encourages further investigation and discussion. A great (“4”) Inquiry cannot be answered with a “yes”, “no”, or “maybe” but requires a thoughtful response.

Clarity (4):  Is written in clear, formal language with few minor grammatical mistakes.


Earns a 3: Comment, Inquiry, or Reply is less in-depth than a “4”; does not cite outside sources; grammatical issues make it unclear at times; OR is missing 1 Component (e.g., Comment, Reply, or Inquiry).

Earns a 2: Includes 2 issues from “Earns a 3″ AND/OR Comment, Inquiry, or Reply are under-developed or vague; is missing 2 Components AND/OR is 1 day late.

Earns a 1: Falls into “Earns a 2” AND contains grammatical issues throughout AND/OR is 2 days late.

Earns a 0: No Comment or Reply posted within 2 days of due date